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Welcome to RELISH YOUR CHEF, a custom cuisine service tailored to our customers’ unique needs and preferences, combined with quality seasonal ingredients. We offer personal chef services, catering, cooking parties, and special occasion cakes to Monmouth County, NJ and the Jersey Shore. Relish the food you deserve. Eat Well. You’ve Earned It.



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Food tastes better when prepared by hand with fresh ingredients. Food made this way does more than feed a family – it nourishes the home. This is what I do. I’m Marcy Ragan, the chef and owner of Relish Chef Services, and mother of two.

I know firsthand how challenging it can be to feed your family healthy, delicious, balanced meals that cater to everyone’s tastes. Time and again I encounter clients for whom food choices have taken a backseat to busy schedules and competing obligations—hard working people that have to eat cereal for dinner! They know that they should be eating better, but they just can’t find a way to make it work on a regular basis. Relish Chef Services is their solution to the mealtime dilemma. As the chef and owner, I help you nourish yourself, and if you are in charge of meals for a whole household, your entire family.
Relish mealtime for what it is—a chance to re-connect with your family and yourself—without getting bogged down in preparation, planning, or tedious clean-up.

Relish creates a weekly menu tailored to your preferences and seasonal ingredients and cooks in-home or delivers fully prepared meals to your home. What will you Relish?

  • In-depth knowledge of different cuisines and cooking styles to ensure carefully crafted, restaurant quality, chef-prepared meals.
  • Relationships with markets and local farms to offer you the highest quality ingredients and freshest products.
  • Responsible budgeting because every cent spent on groceries goes toward a meal you will eat—no more expensive groceries spoiling in the refrigerator.
  • Varied menus, tailored specifically for you and your family. At Relish, we can craft menus and meals for any dietary needs and restrictions; food allergies, paleo, clean eating, and vegetarian or vegan preferences. We learn who you are and deliver food designed especially for you.
  • Decades of experience in the hospitality industry, guaranteeing professionalism and outstanding customer service.


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Relish Chef Services, LLC is fully insured.