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Chef Marcy Ragan
Food tastes better when prepared by hand with fresh ingredients. Food made this way does more than feed a family – it nourishes the home. This is what I do. I’m Marcy Ragan, the chef and owner of Relish Chef Services, and mother of two.

I am a lifelong food enthusiast. I began cooking when I was a little girl, and many of my childhood memories revolve around making or eating food. When I was just 8 years old, my mother let me take over the lasagna-making in the house after my sister declared it, “The best and the cheesiest!” I have received many accolades as a professional chef, but this early review from my sister is still my favorite because it symbolizes what good food can do: families make memories around the dinner table.

A major part of my personal food philosophy is a commitment to experimentation and creativity. I began attempting bold culinary experiments when I was just a teenager. Despite having never cooked mussels, I hosted a Mussels and Baguette party for my friends during a teenage fascination with France. The plump mussels were sweet, and in the end, eating the baguette soaked in briny broth became a memorable experience, not just a meal. From this early experiment, I learned how a good dining experience can enhance your life and your time with others.

“I have learned that food made by hand tastes best. This is what I do.”

The family lasagna and the mussels party for friends are just two early examples of how I create food to make people happy. As an adult, I have worked in restaurants both in the United States and Italy, where I spent time as a chef in Perugia. Living in Italy changed my entire perspective on food and eating. It was there that I learned to honor the raw ingredient, eat seasonally, and cherish what you eat. After living in Italy, I enrolled in the French Culinary Institute and went on to work at the acclaimed “Mumfords Culinary Center” as Pastry Assistant to Debbie Mumford. As a result, I am professionally trained in everything that goes into your meal, from the appetizer all the way to dessert.

And now, here I am, applying a lifetime of lessons on how to prepare fresh, healthy, and delicious meals while satisfying individual needs, balancing work and a busy lifestyle. My family and friends have always been my favorite clients, and now I have the pleasure of feeding you and your family. If you are my client, you always have an open line to your chef.


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