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How It Works: Relish Personal Chef Services

Step 1: The complimentary consultation. Your personal chef experience begins with a complimentary consultation with the chef to establish your likes and dislikes, allergies, meal times, eating habits, family schedules, and anything else that helps Relish create your custom meal plan.

Step 2: The weekly meal plan. The Relish chef creates a menu just for you based on your consultation and the availability of current seasonal ingredients. When you receive the meal plan, you can adjust it as you see fit, completely re-write it, or simply approve the chef’s recommendations. If we’ve previously prepared a meal that you loved, you are free to request repeats at any time. You always have approval of the menu and the budget.

Step 3: Shopping. Relish always looks for the highest quality products at the best available prices. We only purchase ingredients that are necessary for your menu. We can also honor shopping preferences if, for instance, you prefer us to buy only organic and/or free-range ingredients. Grains, beans, and dried fruit are purchased in bulk. There is never a mark-up on groceries.

Step 4: Preparation and Cooking. Once the Relish chef has shopped for your custom menu, she begins prep and cooking, transforming wholesome, fresh ingredients into delicious meals. When your meal is prepared, you will receive an invoice via e-mail on the morning of delivery.

Step 5: Delivery. Relish can either cook the meals in your home for you, or deliver the prepared meals to you. There is no cost for delivery. We will provide you, for a one-time $50 investment, your own set of Snaplock Glassware. These highly rated, reusable containers go from freezer to fridge to oven or microwave, and then dishwasher. Relish steam cleans your containers before each use. Each container is fully labeled with heating and serving instructions. The Relish chef is always available via phone or text for any serving questions.



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